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Sample Processing System Magic-8200Plus

Double channels in the cice treatment system: open the cover module, dual channel pipette, can complete the sample scan code, information entry, open cover, pipette, stream and PCR reaction system formulation, and full it is in a closed negative pressure environment to avoid pollutants leakage.


Sample Processing System

Product Description

Fast& accurate

  • Built-in independent double channel: open the cover module, pipetting module;
  • Slim pipetting can be added at irregular spacing, with spacing adjustable from 9-270mm;
  • Effective pipetting range:1μL-1000μL;
  • Pipetting accuracy:2μL CV≤5%、 10μL CV≤2.5%、≥50μL CV≤0.5%;
  • The dual-channel pipetting module adopts capacitive sensing and pressure sensing detection to realize micro and precise pipetting;
  • Code scanning, opening, pipetting and capping of 48 tubes of 20 in 1 samples shall be completed within 7min, while other samples 96 tubes within 14min;
  • Build a PCR system for 96 samples in 8-13 minutes;
  • Daily throughput:More than 10000 samples, improve the detection flux, save manpower input.


Safety protection

  • Automatic unloading, real-time monitoring of pin loading/unloading, improve the efficiency and reliability of unloading;
  • Built-in HEPA negative pressure filtration system and UV disinfection system, the filtration efficiency of 0.3um diameter particles is not lower than 99.999%, effectively prevent aerosol pollutants leakage;
  • With startup self-check, error alarm, the whole closed loop state monitoring function;
  • Equipped with XYZ axis manipulator, grasping the tube body transfer, avoiding the risk of grasping the cover transfer and falling, and the positioning accuracy is ±0.1mm;
  • With a safety protection panel and a door lock sensor, it can prevent illegal entry and suspend at any time to deal with abnormal accidents;
  • There are sound and light indications of running status, warning reminders such as insufficient reagents and collisions;
  • With two-way LIS or HIS communication system.



  • Compatible with dry mixing tubes and supports 1 in 1, 5 in 1, 10 in 1 and 20 in 1 sampling tubes, allowing you to take a sample without taking a swab out;
  • Compatible with the wet mixing cup mode: 2 in 1, 3 in 1, 4 in 1, 5 in 1, 10 in 1, 20 in 1 etc;
  • 20 mixed in a tube with a diameter ranging19-26mm, compatible with sampling tube with diameter of 11-17mm and height of 50-150mm;
  • Support not less than 8 sampling tubes of different specifications to operate on the machine at the same time;
  • Suitable for virus sampling tubes such as coronavirus, influenza, hand, foot, and mouth disease;
  • Compatible 10 μl、50 μL、200 μL、1000 μL tip on the machine at the same time;
  • Compatible with a variety of nucleic acid extraction deep well plates: 8 / 16 / 48 / 96 person / plate nucleic acid extraction plate;
  • Compatible with various systems to prepare PCR reaction tubes: the carrier can be equipped with 0.1ml/0.2ml single tube, 8-tube and 96 well PCR reaction plate.

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