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Intelligent Blood Storage and Supply Management System

Focusing on the field of blood collection and supply, we unswervingly follow the road of independent research and development. After five years of effort, we come out with China’s first intelligent plasma freezer and red blood cell storage refrigerator, which allows you to store and take any bags of blood anytime. Together with the supporting intelligent transfer system, intelligent cold chain system and safety management system, it forms an intelligent blood supply platform.


Intelligent Blood Storage Platform

Product Description


Blood products are given an ID from the beginning of the handover, and this ID will run through the whole process until it is finally released or destroyed. All operations are dispatched by robots, through information management to achieve real unattended and seamless traceability management of the whole process, creating a standard intelligent blood IoT platform.


Cold Storage Module

  • Dedicated single blood bag holders, intelligent matching, independent storage
  • Reusable RF barcode to reduce costs
  • Intelligent robot transportation, flexible management to meet your blood needs
  • Unique hot gas defrosting technology, to execute intelligent dewatering and defrosting
  • One compressor unit is used to precisely control the storage temperature and another for backup
  • Store and take any blood bags at will
  • Effectively prevent non-target plasma products from leaving the storage environment
  • Modular design enables the speed of in/out storage increases quickly
  • Blood bags in and out speed > 380 bags/hour

Powerful software

  • Dynamic partition storage and blood irradiation are supported.
  • Equipped with intelligent inventory management, inventory warning, overdue scrap reminder
  • Scientific guidance of using blood, blood can also be designated as needed
  • Adopt inventory software to ensure accounting and goods are the same
  • A dedicated database is established simultaneously to match big data analysis


Intelligent Transfer System

  • Precise in and out storage according to the order
  • Smart transfer blood bags from operation platform to blood dispatch platform
  • Constant temperature and none bacteria management


Intelligent Cold Chain System

  • Self-developed intelligent cold chain monitoring system
  • Can be matched with our unique intelligent cold chain box
  • Real-time monitor the temperature during the whole transportation
  • Track the whole trace with GPS
  • Visual display management


Secure Management System

  • Convenient mobile management
  • Equipped with fault prediction and alarm technology
  • Routine inspection function
  • Three level fault alarm mechanism
  • Ensure safe, stable and lasting operation of cold storage


Emergency Handling Mechanism

  • When blood is needed urgently, the ID card can be used to open the emergency doors on both sides
  • Batches blood can be scanned and taken out manually
  • The system will automatically record the manual delivery

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