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Magic-1800 is suitable for mixing large batches of samples, avoiding errors and contamination caused by repetitive operations. The built-in high-throughput sample rack supports 4-mix, 8-mix, 16-mix, and 48-mix, and 768 samples can be submitted in a batch of samples, which improves the detection capacity and efficiency. And the samples can be automatically scanned to generate information to facilitate your trace and query.


Sample Processing System

Product Description

Fast & accurate

  • Pipetting can be added at irregular spacing, with spacing adjustable from 9-270mm;
  • Effective pipetting range:1μL-1000μL;
  • Pipetting accuracy:2μL CV≤5%、 10μL CV≤2.5%、≥50μL CV≤0.5%;
  • The dual-channel pipetting module adopts capacitive sensing and pressure sensing detection to realize micro and precise pipetting.


Strong compatibility

  • Compatible with sampling tube with a diameter of 11-17mm and height of 50-150mm.Others can be customized.
  • Accept 10 μl、50 μL、200 μL、1000 μL tips on the machine at the same time.


Safety protection

  • Automatic unloading, real-time monitoring of pin loading/unloading, improve the efficiency and reliability of unloading;
  • Built-in HEPA negative pressure filtration system and UV disinfection system, the filtration efficiency of 0.3um diameter particles is not lower than 99.999%, effectively prevent aerosol pollutants leakage;
  • With startup self-check, error alarm, the whole closed loop state monitoring function;
  • With a safety protection panel and a door lock sensor, it can prevent illegal entry and suspend at any time to deal with abnormal accidents.

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