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Magic-4000can complete code scanning, information entry and pipetting operation with one key, and can complete the construction of sample extraction system and PCR system. The whole process is in a closed negative pressure environment to avoid pollutant leakage.


Sample Processing System

Product Description


Fast& accurate

  • The pipetting module adopts capacitive sensing and pressure sensing detection to realize precise pipetting.
  • The effective pipetting range is 1μL-1000μL,2uL CV≤5%、10uL CV≤ 2.5%、≥50uL CV≤0.5%;
  • The extraction system of 16 samples can be constructed within 300s;
  • PCR system construction of 16 samples can be completed within 240s.
  • Handle up to 3,500 samples a day, greatly improving the detection throughput and saving manpower and site investment.



  • Compatible with mixed mining mixed inspection mode, support 10 in 1 and 5 in 1 sampling tube sampling
  • Compatible with different manufacturers’ sample tube .
  • Compatible with 10UL, 50ul, 200ul, 1000ul Tip simultaneously on the machine.
  • Compatible with a variety of packaging types, can be adapted to 96-well plate, 8 pipe, EP pipe and other carrier;
  • Compatible with 16/96 well plate downstream extraction mode.


Safety protection

  • Automatic tip unloading, real-time monitoring of tip loading/unloading, improve the efficiency and reliability of tip unloading;
  • Built-in HEPA negative pressure filtration system and ultraviolet disinfection system, the filtration efficiency of 0.3um diameter particles is not less than 99.999%, effectively preventing aerosol pollutant leakage.
  • Functions of power-on self-test, condition monitoring, error alarm and so on.

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