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Based on the separation principle of magnetic bead method, the nucleic acid extractor realizes the transfer of magnetic beads / samples through the adsorption, transfer and release of magnetic rod magnetic sleeve, so as to realize the extraction and purification of nucleic acid.


Automatic Nucleic Acid Extractor

Product Description


Core strengths

Strong versatility:

  • The magnetic rod can be adapted according to the specifications of deep well plate (such as 96, 48 and 32);
  • The magnetic rod can be disassembled for easy maintenance and replacement and prolong the service life of the instrument;
  • The platform is open, with arbitrary amplitude, automatically adjust the magnetic suction height of the magnetic rod, and the frequency of 10 gears is adjustable, which is suitable for nucleic acid reagents from mainstream manufacturers.

Flexible operation:

  • According to customer needs, pre transfer multiple experimental programs, graphic guides and visual operations;
  • After the program runs, you can view the experimental operation log to meet the experimental traceability.

Efficient and accurate:

  • The heating module has accurate temperature control, high efficiency, uniformity.

Small size:

  • The instrument occupies a small area, operates stably, and is safe and reliable.

Safe and reliable:

  • When the magnetic rod sleeve is not installed, the program will be automatically suspended;
  • Built in HEPA negative pressure filtration system, ultraviolet disinfection system and intelligent planning of liquid transfer path function, the filtration efficiency is 99.99%, which can effectively prevent the leakage of aerosol pollutants, ensure the safety of samples and medical personnel.

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