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Smart-4596 Series is an advanced nucleic acid extractor integrating functions of an automatic sample processing system and nucleic acid extractor. Original samples can be put into the device directly and sample scanning, uncapping, dispensing, pipetting, capping, nucleic acid extraction and purification, and PCR system construction can be completed with a one-button click without any extra manual intervention will be needed. Compatible with your own nucleic acid extraction kit.


Automatic Nucleic Acid Extractor

Product Description




Fast & accurate

  • With 4 built-in non-equidistant grippers and 4 independently code scanners, the grasping arm can complete the dispensing of 96 samples within 10 minutes;
  • The minimums time to finish code scanning, uncapping, sample dispensing, pipetting, capping, nucleic acid extraction and purification, and PCR system construction of 96 tube samples is 30 minutes and it can greatly improve the test capability of your laboratory. But your actual processing time of 96 samples may vary due to the different reagents supplied by various manufacturers.
  • The pipetting module adopts capacitive sensing and pressure sensing detection to realize micro and precise pipetting;
  • Pipetting can be added at irregular spacing, with spacing adjustable from 9-270mm;
  • Effective pipetting range:1μL-1000μL;
  • Pipetting accuracy:2μL CV≤5%、 10μL CV≤2.5%、≥50μL CV≤0.5%.


Safety protection

  • For the COVID test, 20 samples can be mixed in a tube with a diameter ranging from 19-26mm. Compatible with sampling tubes with a diameter of 11-17mm and a height of 50-150mm.
  • For HPV test, it can compatible with sampling tubes with a diameter of 25-35mm and a height of 50-75mm.
  • Brands like BD, Hologic, KingCreat, etc. are compatible.
  • Customization is available for other HPV sample tubes.
  • Compatible with tubes for collecting samples of COVID, influenza, hand, foot, and mouth virus.


Strong Compatibility

  • Automatic unloading, and real-time monitoring of tip loading/unloading, improve the efficiency and reliability of unloading;
  • Built-in HEPA negative pressure filtration system and UV disinfection system, the filtration efficiency of 0.3um diameter particles is not lower than 99.9%, effectively preventing aerosol pollutants leakage;
  • With startup self-check, error alarm, and the whole closed-loop state monitoring function.

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