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Sample Processing Systems

Composed of automatic handover modules, pre-processing modules, automatic refrigeration modules, large-capacity refrigeration modules and post-processing modules, the Sample Processing Systems can realize automatic handover, information input, centrifugation, transmission, cap removal, refrigeration, sorting and racking, so as to realize "zero-contact" between inspectors and samples. Its processing speed is up to 400 specimens/hour, effectively reducing the workload of pretreatment and improving efficiency.


Sample Processing System

Product Description

The common models are as follows (can be freely combined, the placement position is optional)



Other common placement forms:





Automatic handover module



Pre-processing module

  • Automatic acquisition of sample information
  • Automatic centrifugation (1 or 2 centrifugation modules is optional)
  • Specimen information is seamlessly connected with the management system to automatically screen specimens
  • ACST dedicated container
  • Handover, selection, non-conforming product identification, transfer rack
  • Automatic weighing to balance quantity and density


Automatic refrigeration module

  • Large capacity refrigeration module
  • It can achieve unlimited expansion and collaborative work.
  • Adopt parallel circuit cooling to ensure the temperature is stable at 2-6°C.
  • Each module can run independently.
  • Independent setting of functional partitions.
  • Extremely fast processing module for emergency application.


Post-processing module:

  • The closed environment has its own air filtration system to prevent aerosol pollution.
  • Specimen status detection (optional)
  • Open caps with edge pull
  • Centralized collection of waste caps, alarm reminds caps full
  • Can be rotated to adapt to various types of testing equipment carrier strips.
  • Sort according to customer requirements, and the barcodes are consistent.


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