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Automated Decapper FLASH-01

FLASH-01 is an automated threaded tube decapper/recapper for single tubes. It is a simple-to-use device that automatically opens and closes tubes with external threads. And Tubes ranging in diameter from 10 to 35 mm are compatible.



Product Description



  • Efficient & Stable: decap and cap a single sample tube within 2.5 seconds, the number of caps capped/decapped will be displayed in real-time, and the capping/decapping speed, tube sizes, and circles can be adjusted, suitable for batch operations.
  • Convenient & Fast: with built-in infrared sensors, you can tell the position of the sampling tube in real-time, and work in the rhythm you like.
  • Strong Compatibility: Compatible with various mainstream sampling tubes.
  • Small & Portable: the device is lightweight and portable, easy to move.


Key Features 

  • Decap and cap the cap of the sampling tube with one-hand
  • Touch screen to facilitate your work.
  •  Visual display the operation and record the sample tubes no.   
  • The intuitive interface offers features such as clearing, resetting, setting, and initialization.
  • The compact structure and small footprint enable it to be used in a safety cabinet.





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