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FLASH-96: precise, portable and affordable pipette of 96 and 384 well plates

Born for laboratories that badly need to fill 96 or 384 well plates with faster, more precision, and more affordable devices, FLASH-96 can automatically finish such tasks as serial dilution, simultaneous whole plate pipetting, partial plate filling, etc. with a small size and user-friendly software, it can free you from the complex operation, reduce manual error and effort, speed the R&D, realize standardization, data security, and traceability.



Product Description


Powerful performance

  • Independent XYZ axis can automatically complete 384-well plate pipetting, prevent samples from repeating or failing to add into holes;
  • The 96-channel pipetting head is precisely positioned to maintain a high degree of consistency and achieve precise micro-pipetting. The pipetting process can also be edited, and the pipetting speed and immersion depth are controllable;
  • Fill single columns with an 8-channel pipetting head, adding multiple reagents to a certain column or to different columns of a 96-well plate, flexible and diverse to meet such applications as serial dilutions;
  • Calculate pipetting data in real-time, and monitor the volume of the source plate and destination plate before and after pipetting, to realize one suction and multiple sprays to speed up the experiment.

 Strong scalability

  • Both single dispensing mode and multiple dispensing mode are optional;
  • Support blow-out, blending, reverse pipetting, and pipetting above the surface of the plate hole.
  • Repeat dispense to 96/384 well plates, dispense from 96 to 384 well plates, sample transfers, and dilutions within a plate;
  • Compatible with a variety of SBS standard plates, pipetting parts can be customized, with up to 6 plate positions to load various carriers and functional modules.

Easy to operate

  • Its visual operation interface and touch screen design allow users to easily edit experiments and realize pipetting, quantification, purification, dilution, etc.,  
  • The ultra-compact footprint and lightweight design enable it to work inside clean benches and laminar flow cabinets.
  • An entire plate can be filled/aspirated at once, to eliminate the inhomogeneity of manual operation, one-key start, and unattended throughout the process.


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