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Won A Fifty Million Yuan order! The Company in the Park Ushered In A Good Start in the First Quarter


At present, nucleic acid detection has become a normal project under epidemic prevention and control. Behind this, it is inseparable from the continuous development and improvement of detection technology and equipment. At the beginning of the new year, Changsha Medico Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Medical"),

Donate more than 500,000 yuan of medical equipment! Imadek uses technology to help epidemic prevention and control


Recently, Changsha Medik Intelligent Co., Ltd., an enterprise in Changsha Economic Development Zone, donated a medical device worth 500,000 yuan to Changsha County Maternal and Child Health Hospital. Caring for and caring for front-line staff with practical actions, and contributing to the fight against the epidemic and comprehensively winning the battle of prevention and control.

Innovative "little giant", with 34 invention patents in 5 years


"This is our intelligent cold storage equipment. As long as you enter the number of a blood sample on the computer, the system will automatically search for it in the cold storage, and then automatically sort and transport it out." Recently, the reporter walked into Changsha Medico Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. , listen to the company founder Wang Peng tell the story of technological innovation.

Work Overtime to Catch Up, Not for Sale, But for Donation! The Automatic Sample Processing System Was Sent to Xiaogan, Hubei, China.


On March 1, 2021, the medical equipment worthy of 1.8 million yuan were packaged and would be delivered to Xiaogan, Hubei.

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